Be a Faversham Fringe Vole!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear a vole costume. We call our fabulous volunteers “voles” for short and they are the lifeblood of Faversham Fringe. Without their help,¬†we wouldn’t be able to put on so many shows in so many venues.

Our fabulous Voles help out with all sorts, from getting the venues ready, selling tickets, and seating the audience, to shaking donation buckets and giving out flyers. As a Vole, you can choose which things you help out with and when you help. Even if you can only help for two hours over the entire week of Faversham Fringe, that will help us enormously.

If you’d like to volunteer your services as a Faversham Fringe Vole, please contact us today. You’ll get to see shows for free and enjoy the camaraderie of the Faversham Fringe team. If you’ve got special skills, like being handy with a camera or a wizard on a mixing deck, we’d especially love to hear from you.