What is Faversham Fringe?

Faversham Fringe is a performing arts festival taking place in Faversham, Kent over the last week of August. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply. We’re hoping for any/all of the following: new writing, musicals, stand-up, sketch comedy, cabaret, poetry, mentalism, and improvisation (not an exhaustive list, so if your particular thing isn’t on it, don’t let that put you off applying). It would be great to get some child-friendly shows in some of the daytime slots, but adult-only shows are also fine. Shows will take place throughout the week, generally lasting about an hour.

Faversham Fringe hopes to give all kinds of people the chance to perform and showcase their talents, from old-hands and experienced companies to wonderfully enthusiastic newcomers.

Faversham Fringe is now in its fourth year and was previously known as HopFestFringe, when it took place at the same time as the Faversham Hop Festival, a long-established, internationally-renowned free festival in the pubs and on the streets of Faversham. In 2018 the fringe finished on the Friday before the Hop Festival began, giving the organisers and participants the chance to wind down with some beer and music after a week of successful performances.

Who Are We?

Jude Sach and Ribs Norman set up HopFestFringe on a whim, having just been to the Bath Spa Fringe. “How hard can it be?” they thought. Well, it’s not hard, per se, but it’s rather a lot more involved than they first envisaged.

Jude and Ribs have now formally set up a company to manage Faversham Fringe, along with other performing arts projects, called Hand of Doom Productions CIC. Michele Brailsford has also been persuaded to join them in this venture.