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Applications for the 2019 Faversham Fringe are now open and will remain so until we are full. We’re hoping for any/all of the following: new writing, musicals, stand-up, sketch comedy, cabaret, poetry, mentalism, and improvisation (not an exhaustive list, so if your particular thing isn’t on it, don’t let that put you off applying). However, we are not looking for bands – the Hop Festival which comes immediately after Faversham Fringe is all about music, so we do everything but.

We’ll be taking applications until all available slots are filled (currently 168, but we have other venues waiting in the wings), but please bear in mind that the closer it is to Faversham Fringe week (the last week in August), the less time you’ll have to gather an audience.

To guarantee your show a spot in our printed programme (which will help with publicity and thus bums on seats), you must confirm your slot, pay your registration fee and submit your marketing details to us by May 31st.

Please read the rest of this page before submitting your application – the link to the application form is at the very bottom.


In previous years we have used several venues around the town, including the Arden TheatreFleur de Lis Hall, The Limes and the Purifier Building. We are currently negotiating with these and other local venues in order to bring more performance spaces to the festival for 2019. Once we have confirmed all the venues, we will list them on the venues page – those that are confirmed are listed already. We will assign shows to the venue that best fits their technical and performance requirements, following consultation with all applicants. 

Show Costs

Faversham Fringe is not run for profit – we charge a registration fee to cover the costs of hiring the venue, front-of-house staff and publicity. The registration fee for each show is a very reasonable £35. Registration fees are payable upon confirmation of entry into the Faversham Fringe programme.

The registration fee covers a single performance. If you wish to performance the same show twice, a fee of £15 for the second show is payable. If you want to enter multiple, different shows, you will need to pay the registration fee for each show.

The registration fee covers entry to the printed programme, online listings, social media coverage, performance space with PA, a front of house volunteer to assist with ticket sales and audience seating (and tech if you your needs are basic), a spot on our giant posters which will be displayed in every venue, and space in our flyer display boxes (you will have to supply the flyers).


In the past, some shows have opted to use the PWYW model, with others preferring a fully ticketed event. After careful consideration, we have decided to revert to our original ticket-only model for the 2019 festival. Tickets for all shows will be priced at £5. One child will be admitted free of charge with a paying adult for family shows; extra children will be £3 each. Ticket sales will be split 70:30 in your favour. Tickets will be on sale online and in a town centre location in the run up to the festival. During the festival tickets will be available from the festival box office and individual venues. 

Flyers & Posters

It is very strongly recommended that you print some flyers (around 5 x number of seats is a good rule of thumb) and posters to advertise your show. We have a stall on Faversham Market most Saturdays during the summer to promote the festival and provide information about the individual shows. You are welcome to join us on any of those days and/or send us your flyers for the table. This year we will be creating giant posters featuring everyone’s flyers in a collage. This will be displayed in the venues and other key locations around town. Each venue will have a flyer display box for the shows programmed within their space, along with programmes. Please print your flyers at A6 size so that they fit in our flyer display boxes. Many shops within the town will happily display posters, but you will need to approach them individually. Scheduling some time to do some flyering of your own is very highly recommended (zero flyering = minuscule audience).


 Terms and Conditions

  1. Faversham Fringe is open to shows of all genres (with the exception of bands) of between 45 and 60 minutes duration. Shows absolutely cannot run over time. Get in/get out is a maximum of 15 minutes either side of advertised show times.
  2. All shows submitted are subject to acceptance by the Faversham Fringe Committee. While the festival is open access, shows may be refused on ethical or moral grounds. 
  3. If accepted into the Festival, all companies (a person or group of persons who have submitted a show) are obliged to pay a non-refundable entry fee of £35; plus £15 for a second performance of the same show. This fee is forfeited in the event of the company withdrawing from the Festival of its own volition, or being disqualified for contravening the Festival rules.
  4. If you cancel your show and have already sold tickets online, you will be invoiced by Faversham Fringe for any customer booking fees that are refunded.
  5. Once the programme is full, shows can be held on a reserve list and admitted in the event of withdrawals. Being on the reserve list does not guarantee performance in the Festival.
  6. The Company is responsible for any Royalties due on all material (including writing or music) that is not original.
  7. Each show will have a maximum of 15 minutes to set-up and 15 minutes to clear the stage. Minimal sets are thus an advantage.
  8. Shows will not be able to hold dress/technical rehearsals in the performance spaces beforehand. Access to view the venue may be possible upon negotiation with Faversham Fringe and/or the venue management.
  9. Faversham Fringe will provide Festival Managers who are there to oversee the entire Festival, but not to stage manage individual shows.
  10. Faversham Fringe will provide technical support to guide your own technician on the use of the venue’s tech. In cases of simple technical needs, volunteers may be able to run your tech under your guidance.
  11. General lighting states will be provided. This will be notified to the shows in advance.
  12. No costumes or props can be stored at the venues. Companies may be able to drive to a location near to the stage door prior to their shows to drop props off, but any vehicles must then be parked in accordance with the local parking regulations. Props must be removed once you have cleared the stage. Faversham Fringe cannot accept responsibility for any items of property brought onto or left at the premises.
  13. Rehearsal space is the responsibility of the company. Faversham Fringe is not responsible for organising or booking rehearsal space.
  14. Tickets will be sold for all shows through the Faversham Fringe TicketSource account and the Faversham Fringe Box Office.
  15. Anyone deemed to be breaking any of Faversham Fringe’s rules and regulations will be disqualified from the Festival and asked to leave the premises immediately.
  16. Faversham Fringe takes no responsibility for any errors in the details submitted by companies for publication in the brochure. We do our best to proofread and double-check everything that is sent to us, but ultimately it is your responsibility to give us the correct information in the first instance.
  17. Faversham Fringe is not responsible for the quality of images submitted by participants and has the right to refuse an image that is of poor quality, not to the required specifications or deemed to be offensive. Failure to submit a quality image by the deadline will in result a default image of the Faversham Fringe logo being used for listings and in the printed brochure.


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