Coercive, Thursday, August 30th, Arden Theatre, Faversham

“Just got back from Coercive at the Arden for the #FavershamFringe and it was a bloody brilliant play about the struggles of a father with early onset Alzheimer’s. Watching this was hard because that’s what my own father had, so I found it easy to see both sides of the story but it would be easy to follow anyway, it was that good.  out of 5.” CreekFM

“As always with Paul – a deeply thought-provoking subject, well-presented. Well done Paul!” Audience Member

“Very well told, felt the emotion.” Audience Member

“Excellent – really conjured what it must be like for the person with Alzheimer’s and how it affects family. Took me back to the time we cared for my mum and how painful it could be.” Audience Member

“Subject matter well explored. Well worth seeing. Well done Paul and fellow players.” Audience Member

“Powerful, emotional, brilliant!” Audience Member

“Great performance. Very touching/humbling. Well done to all.” Audience Member

“Good show. Enjoyed.” Audience Member

“Great show. Thoroughly enjoyed.” Audience Member

“Good performances again.” Audience Member

“Enjoyed all the performances and it captures perfectly the dreadful issue of Alzheimer’s and the resulting confusion.” Audience Member

“Very moving and poignant portrayal of the effect of deep-rooted memories. Well presented and well acted.” Audience Member

“Mr Bridger delivered a tour de force performance and I thank him for a deeply affecting think piece.” Audience Member

“Brilliantly acted! And a sensitive treatment of an emotional subject. So glad we came.” Audience Member

“Great play. Brings home how dementia affects a person.” Audience Member

“Very poignant.” Audience Member

“Powerful, thought-provoking and very true to life. Paul put his heart and soul into this play and this shone through in his performance. The cast, along with Paul, made a truly fabulous play.” Audience Member

“Very moving. As a past carer, I shed tears of remembrance.” Audience Member

“Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Very moving storyline. It truly touched me.” Audience Member

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