Flamin’ Go To This, Monday, August 27th, Arden Theatre, Faversham

“Well, what an hour that was! Ribs and Neil, who came into the studio last week, performed Flamin’ Go To This tonight at the Arden and from the first sketch, the audience was in stitches. Now they may have smudged a couple of lines and had a chameleon change colour too soon but it was another superbly written, performed and enjoyed show at this year’s #FavershamFringe.  and a half out of 5.” CreekFM

“Great show! Liked the bits that went right and really liked the bits that went wrong. Really enjoyed it. My friend was in danger of peeing his pants several times during the show.” Audience Member

“Thanks for a fun show!” Audience Member

“Dudes! Bravo. Hilarity 🙌” Audience Member

“Funny stuff that tested my pelvic floor.” Audience Member

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