Unfortunately, a number of performers have had to pull out of the festival for varying reasons and so we have had to cancel their shows. Listed below are all the cancelled shows – we will add to this post if further shows are

If you have bought tickets online, you will automatically be refunded via TicketSource. If you bought tickets via our box offices, please contact us to arrange a refund.

We hate having to cancel shows, especially at late notice, but there is not much we can do if a performer is unwell or otherwise unable to perform.


Cancelled shows

  • Friday August 24th, 11:00am Little Meerkat’s Big Panic
  • Saturday August 25th, 7:00pm Riot To Heaven
  • Sunday August 26th, 3:00pm Viva Tomfoolery Improv Workshop
  • Sunday August 26th, 5:00pm Vuvuzela and Dervish: Sage Healing
  • Sunday August 26th, 7:00pm Rocket Girl
  • Sunday August 26th, 9:00pm Cam Girl
  • Monday August 27th, 3:00pm All In Your Head
  • Monday August 27th, 7:00pm Mark Simmons: One Linererer
  • Tuesday August 28th, 3:00pm Putting It Back Together
  • Tuesday August 28th, 9:00pm People Who Need People
  • Tuesday 28th August, 9:00pm Mark Simmons: One Linererer
  • Wednesday 29th August, 7:00pm Richard Wright: Virgin
  • Thursday 30th August, 7:00pm Matt Hoss: A Hoss With No Name
  • Friday 31st August, 5:00pm Harry Baker: Weltmeister
  • Friday 31st August, 3:00pm Jason Simmons: I Can Make You Feel Good
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