Trans Pennine, Thursday, August 30th, Arden Theatre, Faversham

“I’m going to start with this:  out of 5. This was one of the pure gems of this year’s #FavershamFringe! The writer’s ability to make the characters easy to understand and feel what they’re going through is second to none. The way they brought the #trans conversation to the forefront and reminded us how long it would normally take was handled with a gentle strength that is again a testament to the writer’s skill. We found out that Ben was based on a real person and this was how he revealed her true identity which gave more depth to the piece. Basically, if you see Trans Pennine or anything from The Orange Works you won’t be disappointed!” CreekFM

“Absolutely bloody brilliant and amazing. It was funny, moving and everything in between.” Audience Member

“Great performance. Being trans and from [the] USA I’ve seen some good skits – this was right up there at the top.” Audience Member

Total triumph! Thank you.” Audience Member

“Excellent, well acted by all.” Audience Member

“Fantastic. A great cast.” Audience Member

“So enjoyed the whole performance – hilarious but emotional too. Well done to all involved.” Audience Member

“Beautiful, thought-provoking.” Audience Member

“Funny, sad, moving & provocative. Excellent!” Audience Member

“Great show. Really took me along with [the] journey.” Audience Member

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